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Corle Self-Flashing Window System Solves Problems

Windows are often a problem for builders and erectors. The common problems include: difficult and/or time consuming installation; a lack of choice of types and sizes to choose from; low quality components and/or glazing; movement in the window and wall; and the difficulty in getting a good seal of caulk around the perimeter. The Corle Self-Flashing window solves these problems and is simple to install.


It has a thermal-break frame and insulated glass to provide the energy efficiencies necessary in metal buildings today. There is also an optional steel subframe system that can be included to add structural strength and rigidity, and to provide a finished edge for interior liner panel or typical drywall construction. Corle offers as standard the choice of various types of windows, numerous sizes, and two primary colors. Non-standard options such as low E glass, tinted glass, or different colored frames can also be supplied. We are confident after reviewing the information that you will agree the Corle Self-Flashing window is the right window for your metal building.


The Corle self-flashing window has trim fins that are designed to match the type of wall panel used. The two typical ones are shown, with an additional straight fin or no fin for masonry or "other" applications. The configuration of these fins make it imperative that the wall panel rough opening is cut exactly correct to 12" centers.


Corle offers an optional subframe system which provides structural strength and rigidity. It is designed to match the girt depth in order to provide a finished edge for liner panel or drywall type construction. The window unit would be factory pre-assembled in the steel sub-framing and thus installed prior to the wall panels. The steel subframe and universal trim fin allows the window to be set anywhere on the wall panel. It provides a level of flexibility that no other window can provide.


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