Corle Retro-Ease Roof Systems

  • A fast, simple, functional and cost-effective solution for re-roofing and retrofit roofing projects on existing buildings.
  • Metal panels come standard with TRINAR® long-life paint finish in a spectrum of colors to complement any design or color.
  • Creates the aesthetically-pleasing look of a new building simply by adding a new roof.
  • Pre-engineered roofing system can be installed right over existing flat roofs or roofs with various elevations and pitches.
  • Ideal for standard gable, single-slope roofs, hip roofs, roof extensions, facades, mansards, or roofs joining existing buildings.
  • Saves time and labor costs to tear off existing roof.
  • No business interruption during installation.
  • Engineered for strength, durability and weatherability.
  • Low maintenance.

C. Classic Dodge - (Before)
Wall: Masonry.
Roof: Flat rubber roof.

C. Classic Dodge (After)
Wall: 26 gauge Parchment Corle 'R' Panel.
Roof: 24 gauge Corle Snap-Seal
Standing Seam Roof.
Unique Feature:
Three different flat roof elevations were tied together with the new SS building by using Corle's Retro-Ease system on the highest elevation and mansards around the front of the building.


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