Corle's IAS AC-472 Accreditation / CSA A660 Certification


Corle is extremely proud of the company’s receipt of the IAS AC-472 (International Accreditation Service) accreditation for quality, and the certificate of registration (CSA A660-04) from QUASAR, a Division of the CWB Group, accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) as a Quality System Registrar.


IAS AC-472 accreditation and CSA A660-04 certification marks the completion of thorough and rigorous evaluations of every important aspect of our business -- management, order processing, design and manufacturing. These reviews are conducted annually by the independent auditing companies -- IAS, and Standards Council of Canada (SCC), respectively.

An additional benefit of the certifications is the annual review process which provides a basis for regular and on-going dialogs between the certification and testing organizations and Corle Building Systems for continuing improvement on issues of quality.

These certifications are important milestones for Corle Building Systems. They symbolize the dedication to excellence on the part of each and every one of Corle's employees, while yet again demonstrating the "Corle Commitment" to provide our customers with a product of unsurpassed quality and performance.


Click here to view our IAS AC472 Certificate.

Click here to view our CSA A660-04 Certificate.


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