Corle Extended Bays - Up To 50 Feet

For buildings requiring large areas of open floor space and a minimum number of columns, providing a clean, uncluttered interior.

Corle Building Systems provides open web joists designed to function as an integral part of the pre-engineered system. Joists are suitable for the support of floors, roof decks, and standing seam roofs. Joists are generally more economical when bay sizes are wider than 30' or when roof loads are excessive.

Extended bays can integrate with other Corle Building System products and is adaptable to virtually any type of roof and wall system.


PLUS . . .

• Bay Spacing up to 50'
• Fast, Economical Erection
• Optimize Column Locations and Bay Spacing
• Traditional Purlin Compatible
• Available with Standing Seam Roof Panels
• Use with B-Deck, Built-Up and Single Ply, or Standing Seam Roof
• Design Flexibility
• IAS Accreditation (U.S.)
• CSA A-600 Certification (Canada)
• Easy Erection
• Cost Savings
• Bolts to Main Frame
• Spans up to 50'


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