Corle Pre-assembled Walk-Door Systems Solve Problems


Corle Building Systems is well-known for providing a door system for the metal building industry that eliminates the problems inherent with the typical knock down doors of the day. These unconventional doors are designed to contain quality components and to be easily installed by practically anyone in less than 20 minutes.

More recently this logic has been applied to windows. Corle now can provide a self-flashing/framing, thermal break window system that will fit virtually any wall panel and be simple to field install. The development of a steel subframe system to provide structural strength and rigidity and an interior finished edge, has added to the quality of the window and the quality of construction.

Because the window with subframe is installed prior to the walls, Corle provides a trim fin that accommodates any part of the wall panel. The quality of the components within these windows is unparalleled.

But, that's not the whole story. Distribution and customer service are two key components to Corle's window and door program. Corle is a single service supplier for their customers providing everything needed for the project including windows and doors. Thus, Corle spends much time working directly with builders to help in choosing components, helping with installation details, and troubleshooting any problem areas that may arise.

Builders choose windows and doors for more than just to "fill a hole in the wall"; they choose them because they are an integral part of the overall building package. A window and door's long term operation and look will impact the perception of quality for the whole building. We want the windows and doors in your building to be as quality-oriented as the building itself. We want them to be CORLE windows and doors.


• Completely Factory Assembled and Squared
• Subframe System/Framed Opening Included
• Insulated Polystyrene Core (R-7.12)
• Galvanized Door (20 ga.)
• Galvanized Frame (16 ga.)
• Commercial Grade 2 Entry Lockset US26D
• 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" Full Mortise NRP Hinges
• Internal Kerfed Weatherseal
• ADA Approved Aluminum Threshold
• 3-Fingered Poly Door Sweep
• Extended Frame Header
• Custom Baked-On Top Coat Painted Primer
• Heavy Gage Adjustable Jamb Clips
• Closer Reinforcement In All Doors
• Heavy Duty Wood Crate

Walk doors are often a problem for builders and erectors. Damage, lost parts, quality of components, difficult hardware installation, and door installation time, among others, are issues faced every day with traditional knock down door systems.

The Corle Building Systems pre-assembled door system solves these common problems. Our systems are completely factory assembled, including all hardware and the subframe system (framed opening). As a result, our doors can typically be installed in less than thirty minutes. No additional cutting, welding, or painting is necessary. In fact, we even go so far as to include the glass in our lite kits.

Corle Building Systems also strongly believes that builders need and want choices. There are options for sizes, colors, door gages, and door skin types, in addition to the hardware options listed. The choices are virtually unlimited.

Listed above are the standard components that make up our pre-assembled door systems, along with standard options and accessories. We are confident that after reviewing the information you will agree, Corle door systems are right for you.

Ask your Corle Sales Representative for complete details.


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