The Corle Multi-Station Paint Line

Our latest plant expansion and improvement project includes a 33,000 sq. foot addition that houses our multi-station paint line.

The painting process begins when steel is sent through the Wheelabrator Shot Blaster. The Wheelabrator process uses a conveyor track system to send pieces through the unit for cleaning and paint prep.


The steel continues on the track and passes through the Global Finishing Systems paint application unit which utilizes a series of sensors to detect and spray the pieces. Paint is applied using an electrostatic process.


Once painted, the material continues on the track to the cure oven, where the painted steel dries in about an hour. This new energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly system improves product quality and production efficiency.


Through continuous modernization and growth, utilization of new technologies, and finding new ways to improve production line efficiency, Corle continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing its customers with the highest quality products and best value possible.

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