Better Buildings Begin With The Basics.

Then We Build On Them.

• Anchor Bolt Drawings in 2 to 3 Days!*
• Building Drawings in 5 Days!
• Building Delivery in 4 to 6 Weeks!

*Low complexity projects only.


Corle Buildings are engineered to be erector-friendly. Our buildings go up without problems or delays because we use universal purlins and girts to eliminate unnecessary parts. Our endwalls are very easy to erect because they are bearing frames. Fewer parts and less bolting saves time and money, and gets your building up faster.

Corle Building Systems is IAS accredited (USA) and CSA A-600 certified (Canada)!


When you select Corle Building Systems through-fastened, 26 or 24 gauge GALVALUME Plus® panels, you get a great looking, high quality panel that comes in a selection of twelve attractive, standard TRINAR® PVDF resin-based finish colors.

Corle Building Systems makes finishing a job easier for you by supplying accessories... 

Pre-hung windows and personnel doors and windows, base templates, liner panel, insulation, roof ventilators, lite panels, and louvers.

The bottom line is Corle buildings offer you the best combination of quality, beauty and economy. It's time to take your custom-engineered metal building to new heights!

- Anchor Bolt Drawings in 2 to 3 Days!*
- Building Drawings in 5 Days!
- Building Delivery in 4 to 6 Weeks!
*Low complexity projects only.

  • Galvanized secondary structural system: Purlins, girts, angles and framed openings.
  • Purlin and girt clips shop welded for ease of erection.
  • Grey oxide primer on primary structural system.
  • TRINAR® PVDF resin-based finish with 40-Year Warranty is standard on all Corle Panels and Trim.
  • TRINAR® PVDF resin-based finish over Galvalume® substrate (not galvanized).
  • 25 Year Limited Warranty roof and wall panel warranty at no extra charge.
  • All trim available in all Corle standard colors.
  • Standard trim lengths - 16' 3" and 20' 3".
  • Machine seamed Corle Seam-Lok Standing Seam Roof.
  • Structural channel framed openings available for heavy-duty applications.
  • Completely factory assembled personnel doors and windows - including subframe and required hardware.
  • Full line of building accessories and components (
  • Corle Storage Solutions available to meet your customers' self-storage needs.
  • Corle Retro-Ease retro-fit roof system available to accommodate your needs.
  • Complete building packages are produced in our modern manufacturing facility with the fastest lead time in the industry.
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery!


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