Corle CoolColor™ Roof and Wall Panels

Corle CoolColor™ wall and roof panels are manufactured with reflective TRINAR® 70% Fluoropolymer PVDF resin-based finish. Durable TRINAR® on Corle CoolColor™ panels provides reflectance and emissivity to meet ENERGY STAR® requirements.

As an Authorized Corle Independent Builder, you can provide to your customers the benefits of lower energy costs, increased roof life expectancies, superior roof color choices, the comfort of our 40-year guarantee, and a cooler, cleaner, "Greener" environment for all of us.


The colors that meet these requirements are:

Low Slope (less then 2:12):
• Arctic White

High Slope (greater than 2:12):
• Arctic White
• Parchment
• Buckskin Tan
• Antique Red
• Ash Gray
• Light Stone

TRINAR® 70% Fluoropolymer PVDF resin-based finish
This tough, flexible, strongly-bonded finish provides the following benefits.

• Long-lasting beauty and protection.
• Exceptional durability.
• Remarkable resistance to environmental aging and dirt retention.
• Proven capability of withstanding ultra-violet rays the degrading effects of weather extremes.
• Resists fading, chalking, cracking, and airborne pollutants.
• Virtually maintenance free and non-staining.
• Resistant to color change.
• Resistant to film erosion.
• Resistant to fungal growth.

Regardless of the TRINAR® color you choose, your Corle panels come with a 40-year limited warranty!


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